" A journey full of adventure"


When twelve-year-old Arianna learns an asteroid threatens to wipe out Earth, she’s terrified. But the impending disaster vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared, leaving her to wonder if it was nothing more than a strange dream. What’s more mysterious is discovering her eleven new best friends shared a similar experience.


Together, they travel to the woods behind her new school to investigate the details of their shared dreams, only to discover it’s all real. Gifted with superpowers and given a terrifying task, the girls work together to fulfil their promise. Then one girl goes missing, and the remaining eleven must do everything they can to bring their friend home.


Transported to another world, they encounter wild creatures, strange lands, newfound friends, and a villain determined to destroy everything to steal the source of the girls’ powers. Time is running out. They must rescue their friend, save the day and return home for if they fail, more than Earth is in danger. The fate of the entire universe is at stake.




Sci-fi / Fantasy

Isha has always believed from her core that anything you put your soul into will come to fruition. She's held onto this belief strongly and now, today Isha is proud to be the director of her very own cosmetics brand. She'd overcome one of the darkest moments in her early twenties and now she's built the courage to embark on her journey in becoming an author.
Isha has always been interested in astrology, spiritualism, and fantasy. Growing up she's always enjoyed drawing, painting, and crafts giving her the ability to freely express herself through these mediums; it led her down the academic path of art and design and then onto fashion. Her hobbies include cooking, drawing, watching movies, playing video games and frequent daydreaming.

In her spare time, she adores spending precious moments with her two children and a loving fiancé. A fun fact about Isha is her love for heavy metal music and her full sleeve tattoo.



 United Kingdom

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