" A journey full of adventure"


Twelve-year-old Arianna is happy and settled in her new school, especially as she has eleven new best friends to hang out with. When an asteroid threatens to wipe out Earth – and they all go to investigate a strangely linked phenomenon – is her happy life now threatened? 
It is here that they have several strange encounters, with mysterious beings, terrifying creatures, and superpowers.
Celestial Bond takes us on a whirlwind journey to faraway lands, where nothing is as it seems and where you’re never sure who you can trust. Will Arianna and the rest of the newly named Astro Girls succeed on their quest? Or will they be stopped before they can really make a difference? And, more importantly, will they be able to get back home safely…




Sci-fi / Fantasy

Isha has always believed from her core that anything you put your soul into will come to fruition. She has held onto this belief strongly and now today, Isha is proud to be the director of her very own cosmetics brand. She had overcame one of the darkest moments in her early twenties and now she’s built the courage to embark on her journey to become an author. 
Isha has always been interested in astrology, spiritualism, and fantasy. Growing up she always enjoyed drawing, painting, and crafts as she felt the ability to freely express herself through these mediums; it led her down the academic path of art and design and then onto fashion design. Her hobbies include cooking, drawing, movies, video gaming, and frequent daydreaming. In her spare time, she adores spending precious moments with her two children and a loving fiancé. A fun fact about Isha is her love for heavy metal music, makeup and her full sleeve tattoo!


“Gripping read with a great pace. Perfect for any age, but especially pre-teens. I'm looking forward to reading more! Keep them coming.”




 United Kingdom

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