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Ophiuchus? is it really the 13th star sign?

Well, let's find out together.

You may have heard of Ophiuchus before stumbling across this blog or maybe this is the first-time hearing of it. Either way, I am going to talk you through this constellation to help you ( and me) with the 'bigger picture'.

Let's begin way back in time, where this beautiful star arrangement makes its first appearance; the Babylonian era. That's right, Ophiuchus can be traced way back to the very civilization who actually made the zodiac system! you see, year 2020 wasn't Ophiuchus's first appearance. no, no, no. In fact, this constellation has been taunting our fellow Sagittarius for centuries!

Now, you may be thinking why am I only mentioning Sagittarius? This news is supposed to be shifting the whole astrology wheel! NOTHING IS THE SAME ANYMORE! NO ONE IS!

Ok, ok. You're going to have to chill and relax; if there is any hope in you being able to take in the next paragraph (don't worry, I know you've got this!)

I believe the Babylonian astrologers had completely dismissed Ophiuchus as a star sign because it would completely shift the already perfectly balanced astrology wheel. You see, each star sign is already, equally split into the four elements (three signs in each; fire, air, earth, and water). Adding Ophiuchus would mean there would be four signs in the water element. Also, each star sign runs for around a month, while Ophiuchus is only eighteen days. So? You might say? Well, it isn’t only that, adding the sign would shorten Sagittarius’s cycle drastically to only four days long!

Today there is still conflicting debates around the topic of Ophiuchus. Some believe this sign actually doesn't have an element, while others say it does. The same is said for its birthstones and other attributes.

The argument over centuries has always ended with Ophiuchus being acknowledged as an astronomy observation, that it's just a constellation and nothing to do with astrology.

It's quite fascinating to see, how throughout the centuries and decades Ophiuchus likes to show up now and again, in our news, reeking dismay and stirring up heated debates. I guess it's safe to say this isn't the last we'll hear!

I wonder if Ophiuchus makes an appearance in my debut book - Astro Girls ‘celestial bond’?😜

You'll have to grab a copy to find out for yourself! ** LAUNCH DATE TO BE REVEALED**

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